Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Milage Recaps

Well I've been sick all week so no running for the past week and no turkey trot unfortunately. I'm hoping to sneak a reindeer run 5K in in the beginning of December as a fun race. Hopefully I am feeling better by then. For now i'm off to rest some more and drink more fluids to get rid of this crud. Spending a week in bed sick is no fun.

Weekly Recap 11/22- 11/28
0 miles

Weekly Recap 11/15- 11/21
Sunday - 5.94 miles
Saturday - 6.31 miles
Friday - off
Thursday - off
Wednesday - 5 miles
Tuesday - weights
Monday - 4.5 miles with 2x (400, 800, 1200) speedwork
Weekly Total: 21.75 miles

Weekly Recap 11/8-11/14:
Well, I was finally able to motivate myself into fitting weights in twice a week. Yay! I have a feeling next week wont go as well.... I'll be traveling and I just don't see it happening.
Sunday - 5.11 miles
Saturday - 4 miles
Friday - weights
Thursday - 5.35 miles
Wednesday - weights
Tuesday - 6 miles
Monday - rest
Weekly Total: 20.46 miles

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I really need to update...

Well, not to much is going on with my running. I'm trying to keep milage between 15-20 miles per week, but not really worrying to much about it. Ideally, i'd also like to get myself back into some sort of weights/strength routine, but I just can't seem to get really motivated to do more than 1 day a week - not much better than during marathon training. Really, i'm just trying to enjoy the flexibility of not training for anything specific right now! I'd thought about doing another half, but registration was full for the race I had my eye on.... so whatever. The last track workout of the season was last week (a little sad). I'd still like to work on some speedwork this winter on my own. I think i'll sign up for the Cleveland Turkey Trot and some other fun winter races. Can I just say I LOVE COLD WEATHER RUNNING! (it's not really that cold yet) Cold is so so so soooooooo much better than 90 degree heat and humidity (oh.... and can someone please remind me of this when I start complaining about how cold it is later this winter?). That's all of my random ramblings for now.

11/1 -11/7
Sunday - 6.46 miles
Saturday - 3.01 miles
Friday - weights
Thursday - 4 mile tempo
Wednesday - rest
Tuesday 5 miles speedwork
Monday - rest

Weekly Total: 18.47

Sunday - 7.3 miles
Saturday - rest
Friday - rest
Thursday - rest
Wednesday 5.5 miles
Tuesday -rest
Monday - rest

Weekly Total: 12.8 miles

Sunday- 6.1 miles
Saturday- 3 miles
Friday - weights
Thursday 5 miles
Wednesday- rest
Tuesday 4.02 miles
Monday - rest

Weekly Total: 18.12 miles