Sunday, September 12, 2010

One week until taper

I've been a bad blogger lately. I got through my first committee meeting at the new school! Yay! It feels good to have that off my plate, but i've been working like a mad women, weekends, nights, etc, to try to get out a publication by November. Oh yea, and i've been training for the marathon! It's been tiring. I have to say i'm feeling better about the training than I was a few months ago when all of these super long runs were looming over my head. It's crazy to think that my "short" runs during the week have become the distance that my "long" runs were at the beginning of training. The truth is that they really do feel "short" at this point! I have been noticing that my body seems to bounce back a little quicker than it did after that first 15 miler, or even the first 20 miler. This is the last week of building milage (and the highest week of milage) before taper. I'm looking forward to taper, but i'm also a little leery of how strange i'm going to feel not running much after all of this running!

Here's my missing weekly recaps for the past few weeks:

Sunday: 18.31 miles
Saturday 6.01 mile tempo run
Friday: off
Thursday: 8.14 miles
Wednesday Weights
Tuesday: 5.0 miles total. Speedwork 400/400/800/800/400/400/800/800 (200 recovery after 400s, 400 recovery after 800s)
Monday: 14.21 miles

Weekly total: 51.67 miles

Sunday: In Niagara Falls for labor day :-)
Saturday: off vacationing
Friday 4.01 miles
Thursday 8.10 miles
Wednesday: weights
Tuesday 4.0 miles
Monday: off

Weekly Total: 16.11 miles

Sunday: 3.16 miles. It felt worse than running the 20!
Saturday: 20.0 miles
Friday: off
Thursday 7.0 miles
Wednesday off
Tuesday 6.24 miles
Monday off

Weekly Total 36.40 miles

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