Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wonderful news!

Wonderful news from the doctor last week!
I can start running again!
Well, sort of.
Week 1 (last week) was 1.5 min walking alternating with 1.5 min run for 2 miles
This week is 1 mile, 3 times this week.

It's so strange, looking back to this time last year, I was running 20 milers training for the marathon, now the longest I am allowed to run is 1 freaking mile! Strange.

It feels really good to be back out there and running! At the same time I want to run more! I'm trying to be really good and follow my return to running plan. I know from having stress fractures in my shins in high school, that not following the doctors orders only results in longer recovery time. However, I have a feeling that this part of the healing process is going to be as painfully slow as the rest of it.

Seriously, why has no one invented skelegrow?

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