Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Update 6/7 - 6/13

It's been a busy week! I wish I'd had time to update during the week, but i'll just squeeze it all into my weekly milage update. It was a very successful week of running. Wednesday I went and tried a new running group. I really like it! It seemed like a really supportive group of runners and a nice group of people in general. I don't generally like to run on Wednesday's, but i'm definitely going to try to make it to some more of the group runs. Plus, its a good way for me to meet new people, being new to the area. I've actually never been part of a running club before and going made me realize just how much I miss the commodore of a "team", like back in my high school days when I ran cross-country. My co-worker and I also got invited to attend a Tuesday night running group on the campus we work at, so I think i'm going to try to check that one out next week.

I did get lost again this week. Ugh. I have a horrible sense of direction! Now that I don't have mountains to tell me which direction is west i'm even worse (sad I know)! I mapped out a brand new 7 mile course for myself this morning....and well, that 7 miles turned into 9.25 miles. I got lost, thought I had found a street I was familiar with, then proceeded to run over a mile in the wrong direction before calling Dan and having him look at a map to tell me which way to go to get home. Prior to getting lost I did enjoy my new course though!

While running was very good this week, I neglected to fit my usual 2 weight lifting sessions back into the schedule, so i'm going to try to do a better job with that next week.

Here's the recap:

Sunday : 9.25 miles. I'm still getting used to the humidity here and being soaking wet when I come back from running, but it was nice temperature wise (in the low 70's) and I enjoyed the scenery at the park I was running around, before I got lost that is :-)

Saturday: off

Friday: 5 miles.

Thursday: off

Wednesday: 5 miles with the running club. Fun!

Tuesday : 3 miles.

Monday: off

Weekly Milage Total: 22.25


  1. Yay, I'm glad you found a club you like! Can I be stalker-tastic and ask which one? (Email me if you prefer - eatdrinkrun at gmail). If it's my old club, you're gonna have to give them a hello from me! :)

  2. It's most definitely your old club that you recommended :-)