Sunday, June 6, 2010

5/31 - 6/6 Weekly Update

Well, nothing too big to report this week. Marathon training does not start until June 21, so i'm just trying to keep to a somewhat normal running schedule until then, so that getting back into training isn't too much of a shock to the system. Speaking of shock, my May milage was shockingly low! I guess that's what happens when you taper, then move across the country. I did not make it to a running club this week, but I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable picking out runs in my neighborhood and learning the lay of the land. I am also happy to report that I have not gotten lost again.... at least not yet :-) I also lifted weights again this past week for the first time since before tapering for the Colfax 1/2..... WOW has it been a while. I am SO sore! I also thought that I could re-create Body Pump class on my own by downloading the playlist. I figured it'd be pretty easy to figure out what the counts were supposed to be based on the music and my memory. That definitely did not turn out to be the case. I managed to do each body part for the right songs, but I definitely didn't have any memory of which parts of the songs were supposed to be 4 counts, 3, or 2...or 1. I think next time I'll just try to do 3 sets of 15 reps or something.

Anyway here's the recap:

Sunday - 6.21 miles. It was the first cool day since we've moved here, so for the first time I wasn't completely drenched in sweat (humidity is a killer, I will take high altitude any day over humidity!)

Saturday - 3 miles.

Friday - My own strange version of Body Pump

Thusday - 5 miles

Wednesday - off

Tuesday - 5 miles

Monday - off

Weekly Total: 19.21 miles

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