Sunday, May 30, 2010

The comfort of a familiar run.

As fun as it is to map out new runs there's something to be said about the comfort of a run that you know like the back of your hand. The streets are not very grid-like here and trying to map out a 5-6 mile loop that doesn't involve too many turns (so that I don't get lost) has been challenging! I tried an out and back run a few days ago and (1) it was boring, (2) I think I may have been heading into a sketchy area had I run further. I did I little better today, although I did get lost and had to backtrack a bit until I could get my bearings. I'm going to try out a running club this week, so hopefully I can meet some people who can give me advice on where the good places to run are. I must say, I do enjoy all the trees here and the shade they provide on runs that would otherwise be really hot. My running this week has been very inconsistent, but i'm trying not to be to hard on myself. In the next few weeks before marathon training starts i'd like to keep my milage between 15-20 miles/week. That definitely didn't happen this week, but now that we are unpacked (for the most part) and starting to settle in it should be easier to keep to a schedule.

Weekly Recap:

Sunday - 5.56 miles
Saturday - no running
Friday - no running
Thursday - 4.2 miles
Wednesday -no running
Tuesday - no running
Monday - 2.91 miles

Weekly Total - 12.67

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