Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Recap 4/26-5/2

Well, I'm in taper. This is by far the longest taper i've ever done for a 1/2 marathon, but i'm trying to trust that the training plan i'm following knows what it's talking about. I definitely felt a lot better on my runs this week. I felt like I was starting to get some speed back and my legs didn't feel so heavy and tired this week.

Sunday - A pleasantly rainy 7 mile run. It was raining, but not windy or cold, so the rain felt very nice and 7 miles felt super easy after last weeks 12.

Saturday - 5 mile tempo with 6 30 second hill repeats (which should have gone with Thursday's workout)

Friday - Rest

Thursday - 4.45 miles. I was supposed to do some hills, but I literally found myself caught in a blizzard with awful wind and sleet, so I decided to cut it short.

Wednesday - My last Boot Camp class, which was sad. This is by far my favorite class at the gym and I am definitely going to miss it!

Tuesday - 5.24 miles with 5 X 2 min intervals.

Monday - Body Pump

Total Weekly Milage - 21.69 miles

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