Monday, July 19, 2010

I miss Colorado weather!

Ugh. This humidity stuff sucks! I managed to wake up early sunday to get my 12 miles in before the 90 degree heat set in. Despite the fact that it was somewhat cooler than 90, i'm guessing in the upper 70's, it was so FREAKING HUMID that i'm not even sure it was better than running in heat. I miss those crisp Colorado mornings, when no matter what the high for the day is going to be a morning run feels cool and refreshing. I guess I might have to wait until winter to get that refreshing cool feeling here.

Workouts this week went fairly well. I was feeling sore and burned out, so I took the week off from speedwork and skipped my saturday run in favor of a day of canoeing, which actually felt good. Next week is a stepback week, which i'm excited about. I'm feeling a little burned out.

Here's the weekly breakdown:

Sunday: 12.05 miles. It felt tough! See my above rant about the overall awfulness of humidity.

Saturday: skipped all planned workouts and went canoeing. Does that count as cross training? Who cares, it was fun!

Friday: off

Thursday: 5.01 miles

Wednesday: Weights

Tuesday: Skipped the usual speedwork in favor of an easy 4.01 miles

Monday: off

Weekly Milage: 21.03 Miles

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