Sunday, October 17, 2010


This week was all about recovery from the marathon, so not much running.

Sunday night, after the marathon, my legs were so sore that I had a little trouble sleeping. Monday, I was really sore. Walking down stairs... well really just walking in general was hard, but walking down stairs was impossible. I walk around at work a lot and am on my feet a lot of the day, so by the end of the day monday I was ready to get home and rest my legs. I wore my new neon green compression socks (hot!) that I picked up at the race expo all day monday and tuesday. I have to say Tuesday was worse than monday. In addition to soreness my legs really hurt. Being sore and in pain was also starting to make me a little cranky. Luckily, Wednesday morning I woke up and finally felt pretty normal again. I was able to walk down stairs! HORAY! I thought about trying to take a short recovery jog, but decided to give it another day. Thursday I felt pretty good, so I went to the gym and ran on the dreadmill (mainly because I wasn't quite sure how far i'd make it!) for 2.5 miles easy. My legs were still very tired, but it felt good to use them again and I got a good stretch in after my run, then I walked 1.5 miles home, which also felt good. Friday, I decided just walking home from work would be enough. Saturday, I felt like I could have run, but really just wanted to take the opportunity to sleep in as late as I wanted and lay around all day reading. I did manage to drag myself out of bed to go and get a massage (life is rough). It was a very lazy day. Today I felt like a "real" run was in order. I went out for 6 miles and tried to just let my legs run at whatever pace they wanted (yes, they do have a mind of their own). It felt good, but it became apparent around mile 4 that my hamstrings and butt are still very sore. All in all, recovery is going well. Although in doing day to day activities I feel all the way back to normal, running still isn't quite there yet. Supposedly, it take 1 day for every mile of the marathon, so I guess this is normal. This next week i'm going to shoot for 15-20 miles, but basically just try to pay attention to how my body is feeling.

I'm toying with the idea of running a half-marathon in early november... I think i'm in shape for what could be a half-marathon PR... but we'll see how my legs feel over the next few weeks. Other than that I don't think i'm really going to train for any race in particular over the next few months. I've been searching for some fun shorter distance 5Ks and 10Ks to do. Over the winter I'd like to work on some speed, but for now I'm just going to give myself some time to enjoy running without a schedule.

Weekly update for 10/11 - 10/17
Sunday - 6.22 miles
Saturday - nothing
Friday - nothing
Thursday - 2.5 miles
Wednesday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing
Monday - nothing

Weekly Total : A measly 8.72 miles and some well deserved rest!

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