Friday, October 8, 2010

Revisiting my Goals

Well, the day has come (almost!). The marathon is about 1 day away. Tasks for tomorrow include picking up my race packet, getting some power bars (my pre-run breakfast), finishing my ipod playlist, and trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. According to my marathon training plan i'm also supposed to do a 10 minute run. It almost doesn't even seem worth it to change into running clothes for something that short, but I do always like to get a short jog in the day before a race to loosen my muscles up and stretch afterwards.

When I began training for this marathon I had some training goals:
- Complete as many runs as possible. Check.
- Not get injured. Check

I also had some marathon goals:
- Finish alive and uninjured
- Run 10 minute miles or under
- Try to run a 4 hr 10 min marathon.

Now, at the end of training, my goals really haven't changed. My 20 milers were at about 10:50 min/mile pace.... so i'm definitely going to kick it up, but my experience has been that my race pace is much faster than my training pace, so I think 10 min miles are definitely possible. As for a 4hr 10 min marathon... we will see. My plan is to try to keep my pace at about 9:30/mile for as long as possible. I always go out to fast, so i'm really going to try not to do that.

I'm definitely feeling nervous!

I'll try to do a short blog tomorrow before the race. If not, i'll do a race recap after the race!

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