Sunday, February 13, 2011

Run With your Heart Trail Challenge-Race Report

Let the 2011 racing season begin!
Let me start off by saying this race was very different than any race i've ever done and it was fun! I've done my fair share of winter trail running while growing up and, if you can believe it, even raced on my high school SNOW SHOE TEAM (yes this really exists). If I had to make a comparison, this race most closely resembled my snow shoe days (only without the snow shoes and with more slipping around). I've been toying with the idea of buying yak trax... but never got around to it. Too bad. They would have been helpful. It became clear to me early on that "fast" was not how I was going to be running. The day was beautiful, in the upper 30's (I think) and SUNNY!! The course was hilly and without traction I pretty much had to walk up and down the steepest parts. I managed to only wipe out once, and not to twist an ankle (I consider this a win!). What I did I think would better be described as riking (hiking/running) or jiking? (jogging/hiking), rather than actual running. Whatever it was, it was still a great day to get outside and great exercise. Man am I sore from all that sliding around! Towards the end I started to feel really down on myself for how God aweful slow I was going. My final time was 1:50:49.... for a 15K.... I can practically run a half marathon in that time! Well, after looking at the race results, I really don't feel that bad. The female winner ran 8:14/mile, there were a handful of people who ran 9ish min/miles and everyone else was 10+ min miles. After looking at that, my 11:54/mile doesn't seem SO bad.

Overall it was a great race, great support, great energy. I think there were more pictures taken than in the marathon! Hopefully there will be at least one good one.... I tried to smile.... it will probably come out looking like a grimace with my eyes closed (this is usually the case). I even managed to win a raffle prize: tickets to the Cleveland Film festival. Not to shabby. I think I'll do this race again. First I think i'll purchase some yak trax.


  1. Trail running is so much more challenging that road racing. I think you did great!!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the support!