Monday, December 27, 2010

Is Winter cold better than the Heat and Humidity of Summer?

Grudgingly, I think yes. Although, Cleveland cold is much more bitter than Colorado cold and I have learned that I need to modify a few things:

1. I need a second layer over my tights.
2. I need some sort of face protection.
3. Why don't people shovel here??? Seriously??
4. I need some new snow routes where I can run in the street because of #3.

Looks like a shopping trip to stock up on more cold weather running clothes is in order, as well as some map questing for some new routes. My weekly milage for the last couple of weeks has been kind of low. Last week we were in Colorado visiting family, so I got to do some beautiful mountain running. The altitude got me a little and my pace was slow, but the scenery was so worth it! The reason I complain about Cleveland winters:

This is what I got to look at on my runs last week in Colorado. This is the kind of winter i've had the luxury of experiencing. Beautiful weather and BLUE skies. It was 30 degrees, but so much less depressing than the gray skies here in Cleveland. Yes, I have been spoiled.

Weekly Update 12/20-12/26:
Sunday - off
Saturday - 3.23 miles
Friday - 4.14 miles
Thursday - off
Wednesday - 4.09 miles
Tuesday - off
Monday - off

Weekly Total: 11.46 Miles

Weekly Update 12/13-12/19:

Sunday - off
Saturday - off
Friday - 5.00
Thursday - 6x 800 with 400 rests. With warmup and cooldown 5.5 miles total.
Wednesday - upper body weights and core
Tuesday - 5 mile tempo run.
Monday - total body Weights/cardio circuit workout.

Weekly Milage Total: 15.5 Miles

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