Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling Undertrained

So, here's the thing...
I still have no motivation to follow a strict training schedule. I'm signed up for a 15K on February 13th. I haven't *really* trained for it. I did an 8.5 mile long run a few weeks ago and 8 this past weekend... so I definitely think i'll be able to finish it, i'm just not expecting a stellar performance. Now is about the time I should start training for the Cleveland 1/2 marathon too. I filled in the plan I used last year into my calendar... this should be week 2. The first few weeks of the plan consist of a few 4 mile and a few 6 mile runs each week, which is pretty much what i've been doing, so for now (and maybe for the whole time) i'm going to loosely follow the training plan and try to get as many of the prescribed long runs in as possible.

Weekly Recap 1/24/11-1/30/11
Sunday - 8.0 Miles. It was a good long run. I managed to keep my pace up despite snow packed roads.

Saturday - 4.0 miles. Icky was not a fun run.

Friday - rest

Thursday - I had planned 5 miles with some hills and speedwork, but forgot my ipod and could only manage 3 on the dreadmill before I gave up.

Wednesday - Tried a new Cardio/Weights class at the gym. It gets a thumbs up. I'm going to try to make it to that again!

Tuesday - 4.0 miles

Monday - Body Pump

Weekly Milage Total: 19 Miles

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