Sunday, March 14, 2010

A very cold wet run today

I had an 11 mile run planned today. If I would have been smart I'd have checked the weather and possibly switched my runs this weekend and done my long run yesterday when it was 50 degrees and sunny. I was very surprised when I woke up to a rain/snow mix this morning! I waited until the snow let up and it was a light drizzle and headed out. The first half of the run was actually pretty pleasant. I do enjoy running in the rain. The second half of the run was much less enjoyable, it was more of a downpour. The last two miles home were the worst. It was sleeting and I was running into the wind, so little bits of ice were pelting me in the face. I actually debated ducking into a coffee shop and calling Dan to come and get me at one point, but since I was only about a mile from home at that point I decided to stick it out and actually ended up running about 11.5 miles.

I've been listening to Born to Run in audiobook form on my long runs. Today the contrast between my run and the runs they were describing in the book were funny. Obviously I was running nowhere near the ultra-marathon distances the book talks about, but they happened to be describing the run through Death Valley and the heat. It was funny to listen to when I was cold and wet, maybe mentally it helped me feel warmer! The book also started getting into the barefoot running phenomenon and how great barefoot running is for your feet. All I could think of, while running through puddles was, thank God for my Gor-tex Nikes!

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