Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Recap 02/22 - 2/28

It was nice to have a stepback week this first week back to training after being sick. This was the first week of adding speed training, which was exciting!

Sunday - I was leaving for a conference so I woke up early to do 6 miles outside before heading to the airport.
Saturday - 4 miles with 10 minutes of tempo.
Friday - 24SET
Thursday - 5 miles with 6 hill repeats
Wednesday - Boot Camp Class
Tuesday - 4 miles with 3X3 minutes at 5K pace with 1 minute of rest. I did 8:30 min/mile for the speed intervals, which might be a little slower than 5K. I wasn't quite ready to push it after being sick. It felt really good to get back to running though!
Mon- Off.

Total Weekly mileage: 19 miles

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