Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I. Am. Stressed.

Warning. I'm in a cranky mood and I just want to complain. Moving is always stressful. Moving in to a new state in the middle of graduate school is a whole lot more stress than I ever imagined. We are making this move because my Mentor for my PhD dissertation took a job in Cleveland and had I decided to stay in Colorado I would have lost 3 years of work and had to start over in a new lab. That being said, then came the decision of which school to actually be a student at (either way I would have physically been in cleveland... confusing I know). After looking through my options it seemed that transferring to Case Western was going to be the best decision. However, having already completed all of my course work here in colorado, I really did not want to have to re-take anything once I got to Case. My transcripts have been "under review" since March! Colorado needs a resignation from me by the end of the week and I still don't know #1. IF i've been accepted at case or #2 what classes (if any) I will need to take from Case. Grrrr.

We also don't have movers yet. Case Western is paying for the move (Awesome!), but they have yet to tell us which company they are approving to move us. The move is 18 days away and I still don't feel like anything is any more in place than it was 6 months ago.

To top it off, Dan is having no luck on the job front. He's applied for over 70 jobs and received only 1 interview. I'm not really entirely sure how we are going to pay the bills on my graduate stipend.

I just want some good news on something. Anything!

Hopefully my 5 miler tonight will help me burn off some of this stress.

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