Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I run how I feel

In light of my day yesterday I thought my runners world quote of the day was quite fitting today:

"Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring."
-President Jimmy Carter

I did my 5 miles with some speed intervals yesterday, which did help me somewhat de-stress. I think I'm going to have some sort of nervous break down if at least some things surrounding this move are not resolved at some point this week though!

I'm really bad at pacing myself and I just tend to run at whatever pace feels good on any particular day. Even back in high school running track and cross country when I was the only senior on the team my coach never put me as the "pack leader" so to speak because of my inconsistency with pace. Yesterday made me realize that anger/stress = fast Molly. My intervals were supposed to be at 5K pace, which for me is about 8 min miles. Definitely ran them at about 6:55-7 minute miles. So I guess the good thing about all of this stress..... It makes me run really really fast.

This morning was a little sad. I canceled my gym membership, so it was my last morning going to boot camp with my workout buddy. It's sad to be wrapping things up and ending things here.


  1. Speedy workout! I can only imagine how stressed you must be with all of that moving related drama going on. I hope everything gets figured out soon!

  2. So true about running relieving tension. I have so much more stress when I don't run or work out. Unfortunately, it seems like when I'm really stressed it's almost harder to run because my neck and back are so tense. But at least the release feels good!