Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Recap 4/12-4/18

Despite the fact that last week was a stepback week, my legs have been feeling really sore and sluggish this week. I'm hoping that it's just part of the final build phase of training and that the long taper will have me refreshed and ready to run fast come race day. I've noticed my mile times for my long runs have gotten slower, which is a little discouraging. Earlier in training I was running 11 miles at 9:30 min/mil and feeling very comfortable, this past weekends 10 miler I could barely hold 10 min miles. Maybe it's just an off week.

Sunday - 10 miles. Beautiful day. Ran at one of my favorite spots. I felt a little sick when I got home though, I think I was out in the sun a little too long. I am super sensitive to sun/heat and probably should have gone a little earlier or later in the day, my own fault.

Saturday - 5 mile tempo. My legs actually felt really good for this run and I was able to hold 8:30 min miles for a full mile.

Friday - rest

Thursday - 6 miles with 6 x 1 min hill repeats.

Wednesday - Boot Camp class at the gym.

Tuesday - 6 miles with 2 x 5 mins at 5K pace.

Monday - Body Pump at the gym.

Total weekly mileage: 27 miles

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