Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Recap 4/19-4/25

This past week was my highest weekly milage for 1/2 training. It went fairly well, but I am definitely excited for the taper! My legs have been feeling sluggish and sore for the past few weeks, so i'm looking forward so some lower milage and some stretching and hopefully feeling more refreshed come race day. I've also been feeling slow lately. It's been really difficult to keep up my pace on my long runs. This week was no different for the long run, but I did manage to do my shorter runs at a pace I felt happy with.

Sunday - 12 miles. This was a miserable run. I'm tempted to say my most miserable run of training. I think some of the long runs I did in snow were more enjoyable. The weather was terrible! I did an out and back route and yet somehow I was running into what felt like a 30 mile wind THE ENTIRE TIME. The first half of the run I managed to run at about a 9:20 to 9:30 pace that I was happy with. The second half, in addition to the wind, it started pouring rain and my pace definitely started to slow. The last two miles of the run I was just praying for the wind to stop and trying to keep moving my feet forward. I was exhausted afterwards, but at least it's done.

Saturday - 6 mile tempo. Beautiful spring weather to run in and I felt pretty conformable keeping my tempo pace up.

Friday - Rest

Thursday - 6 miles with 6 X 1 min hill repeats.

Wednesday - Boot Camp.

Tuesday - 6 miles with 3 X 5 min at 5K pace. The speed hurt, but I was able to keep up a 5K pace for all of the intervals, which I was happy with.

Monday - Body Pump.

Total Weekly Milage - 30 miles

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